2020 has been the craziest year in history.


From pandemics, lock downs, shut downs and fear to riots and all of the crazy things that have gone on leading us to believe things that may or may not be... to the fear and frustration watching the mayhem ensuing going into the upcoming elections.

There was reason to duck and hide but for some it gave great opportunity to change and rewire patterns and change their life.

MindRewire Transformation 

I am looking for Conscious Creators - light seekers, who are ready to consciously rewire their old programming.
 Who are sick of  monkey mind, living in fear, pain, loss , lack, rejection and are ready to take back control.
NOW Even with pandemics, riots and the middle of fear because of the elections... 
People who are ready to dive in and truly create the change they have been long for...
To be able to walk away from the past without having to engage in long winded meditations...
and to create the scenario to meet their spirit portion and learn how to engage with that part of themselves, will get everything they need in this course. 
This creates intuition on steroids. The consistent ability to manifest. And true deep change that you control.
We will work to achieve the goal of resetting their system, realizing and creating a new way to feel and seeding their subconscious with the things that they want the most. I will not let you fail. 

Watch the video below to understand more.

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In this 12 week seminar style course you will:

Learn how to change: EVERYTHING

✅ Subconscious rewiring so that you can finally feel great, think clearly and gain clarity on what you want in life.

Learn Brain Coherence and Heart Coherence activation's.

👉 The seminar follows the MindRewire Transformation Method which is a unique system to achieve subconscious change, reprogramming and rewire your system to thoughts and beliefs that work for you , and train them into your system so that you naturally default to those feelings.

"It is the most rigorous of its kind"

✅ Bonus #1 Weekly group coaching calls to make sure you understand and have all of your questions answered

✅ Bonus #2 A 6 written week plan to release the past, gain higher intuition and greater levels of manifestation, and gain clarity and focus.

✅ Bonus #3 1 Free full length session with Christy to work on what ever you want to work on.

✅ Bonus #4 Email access to me for private questions and help.

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount if you click now because I made a typo- 

When I do the full public launch, I’m going to charge $1500 for this program.

But I have a sneaky reason for giving you a huge discount…

I’m looking for people how are ready to change now... on the deepest level possible- and want to learn how to do the work for themselves. People who I can work with closely over the next 12 weeks to get them incredible results.

I’m also looking for future testimonials of the MindRewire Transformation Method Movement!

All I need from you is $397. That is your investment into this opportunity.

That’s it. You get full benefit of me and all the Mindrewire teaching and transformation methods. Bring nothing but you and willingness, participation, and desire to change is required.

When you click you will see it is $249.00 USD!

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Life time access to recordings

and free registration to the saturday lives for the 12 weeks and if you want to stay and keep working at the end of the 12 weeks it is only $50 a month for 4 sessions.

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Work closely with me

In this group setting you get the best of me- get questions answered and do work to move yourself forward under careful watch. We do live work with real peoples real problems. no stone is left un-turned. come as you are and leave upgraded!

Change Happens When You Take Action

2020 has been noted as a lot of things-

The end of  times, the end of an age.

A new beginning, a new age.

Are you ready to create the change you have known and felt all along but just could seem to access?



Key benefits from MindRewire work

This is one persons story-

We had our initial session and my mind was blown! I understand now that my beliefs drive my experiences, and Christy helped me rewire and reprogram my beliefs.

I was recovering from a lifetime of narcissistic abuse, and I recently ended an abusive relationship. I was making good progress in uncovering my negative and self-limiting subconscious beliefs, but I was struggling to feel good, and reprogramming those negative beliefs was a very slow process.

 I came across Christy’s website, and I decided to give her a try.

 Our initial session was very helpful, so helpful that I decided to work with Christy for  more sessions. We had our initial session and my mind was blown!

 During this session, I experienced a white healing conscious energy moving throughout my body – shifting me and healing me until I became what I believe is my true self, an orb of loving energy radiating out into the universe like quantum waves.

 Christy told me to go out in the world the next day and to just observe, so that’s what I did. I found that I was transformed and that the world was responding to me in completely different ways.

 My physical experience was one of well-being, my body was flooded with good feelings, good hormones (serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin) instead of the stress hormones (cortisone and adrenaline) I had been experiencing all of my life. I felt more powerful and happier than I have ever felt in my life.

 Suddenly things started shifting: I started showing up in my life in ways I never did before. I finally believed I was worthy of good things like loving friends, happiness and peace. Negative workplace experiences that had been going on for a year suddenly resolved and shifted into supportive and positive experiences. A serious financial issue resolved and worked out exactly as I needed it to. I started smiling at people and getting the same in return; I started doing yoga and moving my body in ways I have never done before; I was able to get off anti-depressants for the first time in 6 years.

 And MOST importantly, my relationship with my creator and my creative force were taken to a new level. All of this happened in the month following our initial session.

 I now know and trust that I have everything inside myself to be completely happy, productive and fulfilled.

 I understand now that my beliefs drive my experiences, and Christy helped me rewire and reprogram my beliefs.

 I will always be grateful for Christy and the work that she does.    Beth Stover

 Are you Interested in dramatic change and an easy - no nonsense way to keep it up?

Beth's change is typical- when a person finally comes in contact with that internal, eternal part of them things sift fast.

While she did private work- the same results happen in groups and the momentum of one helps build the others.


Get in this 6 week challenge NOW!!! Change everything

Your momentum forward is created when you drive change through  high vibration that is produced BY YOU FOR YOU.

Tapping into it is easy once you know how.

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