Experience How 

Heart Coherence

Will Open Your Heart and Mind.

Rejuvenate, restore and take authority of yourself.

 Easily stop limiting beliefs,

out of control thoughts,

pains from the past and FINALLY heal yourself.

Connect to your spirit and have a direct line to beyond.

We live in a fear based world. Everything we know comes from the base of fear. Everything we know and believe about ourselves comes from someones else's perception and ideas of who or what we should be and can or can't do....

This is called the "program"...


Are you ready to create something different?


Here is what one person found with MindRewire

"Simplicity, ease and grace characterize my experience using Christy Mattoon's Mind Rewire program.   

This heart-centered process has brought healing, transformation, grace and spontaneity to my life.  I came to Christy seeking a Spirit-centered approach in order to deprogram from deeply held trauma and abuse.  I discovered a path that restored wholeness, dignity and confidence as well as an open door to an ever deepening life's purpose." - Sally Parker USA


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Benefit 1

Heart coherence is the simplest way to stop subconscious issues. It is the best way to learn how to change into who you want to be.

Benefit 2

You will feel an energy that creates a new life,and gives you a new response to the things that happen in life around you.

Benefit 3

You can become your own healer. Understand the technology of your body and the uses for it. It is simple easy and effective.

Please go to MindRewire's YouTube channel and see if the way I teach is Right for you!


Thank you Christy! I'm truly benefiting from your teachings! Many many thanks!

Lalaine Moreira

Dear Christy,

That one tweak was what I needed! I know that you had said it before, feel the unwanted feelings in my Heart Space and then let the feelings be transmuted by Spirit...yet I didn't remember. I struggled to "forget" the emotions I was having. How easy is the solution!


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Coherent Life!

Learn how to establish and use heart/Brain coherence to solve your life's issues and start your body healing so that you can create the future of you dreams.

To sit and figure life out just hasn't worked for most people - To think through every issue and ask why over and over again has not worked well either.

I talk to people all of the time who tell me- I have tried, Eft, EmDR, Cognitive therapy, Hypnosis, they have gone through Dr. Joes week long intensives and sometimes multiple times, They have walked on fire with the greatest american Guru of them all, and still they struggle.And all of those things are great - but why doesn't it work for everyone???

The biggest reason I get is because they really don't know what to do. The best gurus, psychics and the greatest healers can do work for you and on you all day long- but until you recognize and realize it is all in you, and you have to take authority and do it... it won't get fully completed. You will continue to search and wonder what you are missing.

You will wonder, Why not you? Why your not good enough? Why you can't do it? Why life is so hard and you don't understand.

The reason why is because YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING... To solve your life issues is a project for you and given to you to do. Not for someone else to do for you. And the truth is, no one can ever do it for you.

They may get you part of the way there - but until you get it, that it is on you and you have the capability and the tools all you need is the wisdom of how to unlock them.

This is a live seminar- you get all of the information you need to change now.

Heart Coherence, and how to use it to solve subconscious AND life's daily issues. Become resilient to life's chaos. All while training yourself to stay in heart centered emotions that stop illness and reverse the aging process.


Learn what heart coherence will do for you!

Become heart coherent, understand your power and heal your life.

Open Enrollment - Sign Up Now!

We've got this all wrong.

Nothing we do to clear the subconscious needs to be as hard as we have made it.

None of it needs to be hard at all!!!

The expansion of your own consciousness will start to change you easily in ways that can astound you!

To be in heart coherence means many things. One of the best is that in your heart you can easily engage in the trueness of the energy and spirit of who you are. And that engagement is an instant way to expand your consciousness.

New start date: AUG 1 2020 2 pm MST.

When you join me on this  seminar :

You will learn:

  • How to get heart coherent- the easiest way possible. No fluff, No muscle testing to long drawn out protocols.
  • How to use the state of heart coherence to clear resistance and subconscious stressors.

in the second session we will be back and you will learn:

  • What an Angelic being taught me about how your system is like technology and when you know how to use it life, subconscious, and even illness start to easily change.
  • Learn how to use the Ladder of Awareness to gain clarity,strength, and open up your intuition.

And one last time we will get together to:

  • Light up the energy centers while in coherence to manifest and turn up the rainbow body for deeper transformations.
  • You will learn how the harmonic of the rainbow created by your energy centers, otherwise known as chakras are part of your technology and have uses and a place in your knowledge bank. 

As you remember who you are the center of the heart becomes a magic place to create and become the you that you know you can be.

[ Notice: The purpose of this webinar is to convey information.]

Nothing with in should be interpreted as medical information or advice. It is not indented to diagnose, treat or cure your condition, or to be a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional.

The methods discussed in this program are not indented to support health or healing and Not to replace western medical and big Pharma treatment and RX’s.

Whether you should choose conventional treatments, alternative treatment, or both it is imperative that you work closely within your spirit and with a western medical doctor or health care professional to properly diagnose and treat your condition, and to monitor your progress.]

***Please note there are no refunds.


Change your life from the inside

Now more than ever people need a way to stay in control of their environment and emotions. the 2 go hand in hand. 

Heart Coherence is the way to begin a new and change the reality you live in.