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Learn How to create a Whole Brain State

LIKE PSYCH-K... To reprogram your mind, stop daily stress and, get rid of thoughts that keep you thinking about the past. 

Stop the emotional roller coaster that has become your life. Feel better FAST! Change Your Life Now. 

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  This is for you if...

  • You have things you still fight with from your past...
  • You think about yourself in ways that are not beneficial to what you want to see in your life...

  • Your affirmations never took hold and gave you the release you so desperately wanted...

  • You want to go deeper faster...

  • You are ready to understand how to quite you mind and live in you Present moment...

  • You are ready to manifest your future...
  • You want to know how to do it for yourself...and not break the bank...


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For a short time this pre-recorded webinar and information about how to get into and use a whole brain state is only $77.00 USD.


Learn to Reprogram your Mind (like PSYCH-K) and Raise Your Vibration so that You CAN Make Progress Each and Every Day, No Matter Where Your Are on Your Journey.

What People Are Saying...

"Napolean Hill in "Think and Grow Rich" and Ray Dalio in "Principles" write about the subconscious, however, Christy Mattoon with Mind Rewire actually helps to change the subconscious. Excited to read Christy's book next...""

Nikole (Riesland) Haumont
Consultant, Trainer and Public Speaker

"This was an awesome journey and really a new beginning for me in more than one sense. I am not forever on this journey... thank you so much for your time and effort and all the best to your journey of being the facilitator for this life-altering experience.""

Helena Schoeman
The Storytelling Tutor

Who I am

My name is Christy Mattoon, Owner and operator of MindRewire - tools for subconscious change.

I am a Coach, Teacher, Awareness Warrior, Energy Healer, Energy Psychology Practitioner, and Light-Seeker JUST LIKE YOU. 

People around the globe are suffering from subconscious issues and most do not realize it. 

What is it that has you trapped in the patterns and cycles you are in?

The thoughts, memories, feelings, and emotions are buried deep in the mind, brain, and cells of your body. If these are not addressed they can become symptomatic issues of depression and illness that can stop the trajectory of your life.

If illness, issues, and patterns that trouble you have become your normal and you want to change it- knowing how is key.

I teach people how to change the landscape of their brain  and help them leave behind the past and the emotions that are trapped in their system so they can have optimal health and well-being.

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How to use a Whole Brain State for Subconscious Change and Mind Reprogramming

In this recorded seminar, you'll learn how to use a Whole Brain State to stop subconscious stress and seed positive thoughts and ideas into your mind. I'll teach you the basics of a Whole Brain State so you can stop the pain from your past, manifest your future, and feel better all the time. No muscle testing require and no pre knowledge of energy healing needed.

My Experience

My journey to heal my body began by learning how to eat to heal my body. In that process I came to the realization that something else was terribly wrong.
The horrible things I said to myself in my mind were not a product of the weight and illness but the weight and illness were a symptom of the things I was saying silently in my mind and was never aware of. And, all of these negative, hateful, painful things were from a past I didn’t even remember.
As my desire to understand and my desire to change grew, I started to realize the way I felt could change and that I seemingly had no control. I sought healers, doctors, and started reading and studying everything I could. What I came up with was something that not even my therapist could understand.
All the struggle and symptoms were not the issue, they were just that - symptoms. The underlying issue was that my mind was crammed full of things that continually caused stress and I had no tools or any knowledge of how to stop it. 
The concept of the subconscious became a major player in my understanding, but I soon realized as my awareness progressed so did my desire for more spiritual relationship with Creator. 
Do you know this desire?
The therapist decided I was a bipolar issue- and treated symptoms with medication for years that caused more symptoms and issues that needed managing. But, I needed to understand the root of the issues not to just treat the appearing symptoms.
He never understood.
This is where I realized that like Newtonian mechanics, when you view the system as separate parts and pieces and diagnose based on an issue, you will miss something. Healing will never complete. Think about what you have been working on... what are you missing?
The totality of the human organism includes not only physical aspect, but also the spiritual and is all connected by the energy that makes everything up.
Does this makes sense? The crazy part is we have an essence of control over it all.
My story takes a massive turn when all of the understanding and things spirit has shown me are active and functioning not only in my life but also in the lives of my clients. People getting great results by changing the way they feel over anything else and understanding life in a whole different way.

The One Moment Everything Changed and Why Your Thinking Matters...

MY Brother Committed Suicide 

I want to tell you a story- that by most standards should be very, very hard and sad. Late one evening in the middle of July, in 2018, while I was sitting on the couch in a home in California watching America's Got Talent I got a phone call...

The voice on the other side simply said, "Kirk killed himself".

My immediate reaction was tears; I couldn’t stop them for days. Then my questions turned to his kids, both adults, but where were they??? His daughter still lived with him so, I started making calls, trying to find someone to get to their apartment to be with her. I couldn’t imagine her being there alone. His son was driving home from work when the news came- my heart was crushed for him, his calls out for help fell to deaf ears- even now my heart aches thinking about the story he told that day.

I made travel plans and landed in Denver the very next day. It was then, standing in my brothers bedroom, that I had the most extraordinary encounter.

I was standing there, just starting at the empty space, as HASMAT had already striped anything effected out. 

I said out Loud, “Kirk, What The F&^% did you do?”. 

Suddenly the light across the room came on and I knew in an instant he was still there… 

Now, I have had encounters before- But this was nuts- I heard a swish noise like a rush of wind, and suddenly there he was.

I asked him again, “dude what the heck”... he felt light, lighter than I had seen him in years.

What he said next and the feeling he left with me has never left me. He said "never mind that"..

"But hear me- listen to what I’m saying"- “Forget everything you think you know- just forget it. Its all wrong.”  His voice was very clear and strong-

And then I had the greatest sense of peace I have ever felt for what seemed like an eternity but in reality, was probably only 5 seconds.

I have no words to describe it.- That 5 seconds of peace changed my world- His standing there solidified and yet made me question everything- and in that questioning I landed right back in peace.

Forget everything you think you know??? 

Now, understand that is based on what I was taught, and while I don't know what you were taught I can only assume that if you are still reading this, you are living your life searching, based on the same misunderstandings and teachings that I was.

Wow, what does that mean? Forget everything you think you know...  And so I did…Or, at least, I set about doing just that. 

My journey and search continues like many of yours, and because of my communication and understanding from God and my brother, my growth has taken a unique trajectory.

Understanding what a heart-based approach really is, aids in growth and movement. Knowing how your thoughts and words, while they do matter, only produce more thoughts and words. The energy from words and thoughts changes if you are in an energy that matches it. The energy that moves the message is the vibration and creates the living world you see around you.

And like Abraham hicks says-

“You can’t get there from there” 

So, how do you get there?

That is why I created Mindrewire and that's what lead me to developing this powerful, but simple and short webinar.

This webinar, "How to Use A Whole Brain State" will increase the trajectory of your growth exponentially.

One of the things I have understood from my time with Spirit, is that the pieces of our lives are not separate, they are pieces of a whole- and when used as a functioning whole you get to the results that you're looking to achieve much faster. Your vibration changes and, when you get in tune, you will quickly learn that the vibration of your internal dialogue changes everything.


Because I want this to be affordable to everyone, I am offering it for ONLY $77 for a Limited Time:

  • Learn how to use of the technology of your body.
  • Learn how to use a Whole Brain State.
  • Learn how to stop subconscious Stress
  • Learn how to stop out of control thoughts
  • Learn how to stop the issues that you struggle with everyday.


AND - Learn how to Seed new feelings and thoughts into your system that will benefit your life.

Use the great affirmations that you have read an repeated for years, and finally get them into your subconscious.

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