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Reprogram Deep Subconscious Programming From Sources of Media, (TV, Music, Movies)

Big Pharma and Western Medicine Thinking.

And Government and Religious Organizations.

 3 reprogramming sessions - Only $77.

True freedom begins

when your subconscious program is by your design

and not someone else's...


What are you programmed with? 


Who are you programmed by?


Most people think the programming of their past comes from their parents. 

And we are fine to think that and work at it from that state of understanding.


BUT... There is more programming

that goes on that you may or may not be aware of.

This programming is from media,

government organization, religious institutions,

big pharma and the western medical paradigm

and others places that feed you information and

program you to be who you are.


The things you believe come from deeply implanted messages that come from sources outside of your family life. Which is the place most people seek to change.


The beliefs have created your behaviors. And the behaviors cause your actions. And you live your life based on things that are not about the true you. But about the made up programmed version.

All the while you are lead to believe that you have freedom and you can create your world. You are lead to believe that you can decide and design your life based on what you think are YOUR truths.

But you are still stuck- frustrated and struggling...

MindRewire is offering a 3 day masterclass that will aid you in deconstructing and neutralizing the energy of these manipulations from the subconscious and the world we live.
In these 3 2 hour masterclasses we will use the conscious collective and the group that signs up will step into a higher harmonic value to radically change the programming from these worldwide manipulation machines.
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My name is Christy Mattoon - CEO of MindRewire

In This Radical Reprogramming Masterclass, you will learn...

- What's been holding you back this entire time. It's more than you think.

- How Media, Tv and movies are all made to program you to think a certain way.

- How Big Pharma sends you information and knowledge that programs illness into your mentality and and into your body.

- How Government and religious organization have programed you to be the person they want you to be.

- What to do about this programming and how to reprogram the deeply programmed barriers set in place by people you may not realize are in control.

- Gain strategies to soar past your trained belief system and how to navigate new possibilities.

- Learn advanced strategies to achieve massive growth, FAST. 

- Learn how to handle it when things start going really, really, unbelievably well. This is where people will start to self sabotage.

- So much more!

What are you waiting for?

Join this exclusive training to start transforming your life!

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Subconscious Being

Class 1: Media deprogramming - Open Enrollment

Class 2: BIg Pharma Deprogramming - Open Enrollment

Class 3: Government and religious organization deprogramming. - Open Enrollment

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